Just wanted to give everyone a very quick update on the Speedlite DVD status. For those of you who saw the Tampa Workshop Slideshow, I now have 2 working drafts. As always, there are a few minor kinks, so we are absolutely extremely close to finishing this. I am working with my editor and even considering driving back to Selma to iron everything out with him over the weekend before I go to the NC and PA workshops. The Speedlite DVD is absolutely PACKED with an incredible amount of extremely useful Flash Photography information, in fact it is so packed, that we probably will not be able to fit it all on the DVD, its running at 3.5 hours (the max amount allowed by the DVD).

The hard part is done. We are adding a few more little bonuses in the DVD ROM section. One unexpected bonus you may be interested in: The Speedlite Interface Menu! – What this means is we have a menu with all the icons of the Speedlite and when you want to review a certain icon, click on it and it takes you to the lesson that explains it! AWESOME!!