I am struggling to put this into words, so I will break this up into thoughts.

One of the strangest movies I have seen in a while.
If you have a love of colors or kaleidoscopes, you will want to see this on the big screen.
At times, visually jaw dropping.
At times, visually nauseating, at one point you can see green screen reflections on the actors’ skin.
At times, super, super FUN.
At times, super, super BORING.
At times, you will care about the characters.
At times, you will care less….about the very same characters.
Fast and action packed, though I felt tempted twice to get up and leave.

I will say this, it was much better than I was anticipating and I do think it is worth seeing in theaters. I wasnt going to see it but my brother Aaron talked me into going, and besides the super SUPER boring parts, it was good. I think this movie is suffering from some editing issues, but otherwise it was an amazing effort by the W brothers.