Ladies and Gentlemen, the long awaited A9 vs 1DXiivs D5 Epic Shootout is here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the long awaited A9 vs 1DXiivs D5 Epic Shootout is here!

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Sony A9

Canon 1DXii

Nikon D5

01:04 – Intro

05:30 – Sports Shooting

16:05 – Low Light Focusing

16:45 – Video Focusing

18:06 – Dynamic Range

22:27 – High Portrait ISO

23:48 – Moire Test

24:12 – Thermal Test

24:53 – Rolling Shutter

25:24 – Real World Video

29:07 – Portrait Test

32:10 – Ergonomics

32:11 – Conclusion

On the 400 2.8 Prime: It appears this is in a rumor stage only, and sources disagree if this is a f2.8 or f4. It was my personal error to say it has been officially announced, and for that I apologize! Apparently I read an article about 2 other lenses being officially announced, and the 400 2.8 being rumored, so I misunderstood. Sorry guys! On the other hand, I believe Sony is just too smart to not be working on a 400 Prime, whatever aperture it is, here are some of the rumors:

Sony 400 Prime in the Works?

Full Disclosure: While I have not received any compensation for performing these tests, I am an affiliate of who provided the cameras stated without cost to me and I also receive a small commission for any purchases made through these links provided. supplied the 70-200 2.8 Nikon lens, for the tests, but I am not an affiliate. Thanks!

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