After 6 weeks of shooting with both the Sony A7RII and the Canon 5Dsr, this is what I can tell you when they go head to head:

Some additional comments:

– In my opinion the 5DSR has the edge as a stills camera when it comes to things like focusing, slightly better at higher ISOs for stills, better AWB, better colors coming straight out of the camera. It is definitely a more polished product with fewer hiccups, but my main issue with it was the video features were so underwhelming it was hard for me to get excited about it. However, if I only shot stills, I would probably go with it.

– The Sony A7rii is just loaded with video features and is 9/10’s the overall stills camera the 5DSR is, and even better in dynamic range. Taking into consideration that it is $700, with all the other bells and whistles….it really is a home run winner.

– Many have been reporting about the overheating issue when shooting video on the A7rii. I only experienced this on 2 occasions after doing dozens of recording tests and even a professional shoot. I think if it’s on a tripod and the IBIS is turned off, you won’t experience it that often.

– Loving the size and weight of the A7rii. My camera bag is much, much lighter.

– I have finished some initial testing with theSony A7sII in comparison with the A7rii, the focusing systems both for native lenses, as well as metabone adapted lenses is significantly better on the A7rii. The MB4 smart adapter really struggled on the A7sii.

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