UPDATE: The Sony a7Rii Crash Course is now ready for immediate download. CLICK HERE to Purchase The Sony A7Rii Tutorials Crash Course. Ive been shooting with the a7R2 now for several weeks and have been getting a lot of questions about it. Most importantly, many beginning photographers are wondering if I will be making a training video for it as I have with the A7s, and the answer is yes. We are already well into production and the download version should be ready in about 1-2 weeks, with the DVD version coming available in the beginning of October.

The a7R2 is in my opinion what will be the 2015 Camera of the Year. I have no doubts about it. There are some weaknesses I have noticed, especially in regards to sports shooting, but that said, this is a home-run winner of a hybrid camera for both stills and video. The image quality and resolution are simply stunning and Canon and Nikon have a new competitor to deal with. Sony is bringing their A game.

If you are interested in being notified when the download is available, please enter your name and email in the comments and we will let you know as soon as it is finished. CLICK HERE to Purchase Michael’s Sony A7rii Crash Course Training Tutorial

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