We finally got our hands on the Sony A7iii and are happy to announce that is nearly identical in operation and control with the exception of only a few menu items. Because of this, we are combining the courses, and therefore, the Sony A7iii course is now available with the A7Riii (both cameras are covered).

The Crash Course for the A7riii and A7iii is now available and can be purchased here: Sony A7iii / A7Riii Tutorial Training Download

Many of you might be wondering what at the main differences and advantages of both?

The A7Riii is about $3300, and for that extra $1300 you are getting 18 more megapixels (42 MP Total), Pixel Shift Technology (which is incredible in and of itself, PC sync port, and not a whole lot more. One disadvantage Ive noticed with that many megapixels is that in video shooting, crop mode is cleaner as FF mode appears to be binning or line skipping.

The A7iii is $2000, 24 MP and its video is better using Full Frame, because we get 6K over sampling giving a much cleaner image for video. So, yes, that $1300 savings is significant.