These epic shootouts take 3-4 weeks to thoroughly test, analyze and put together, so when you guys like and share it is definitely a HUGE help and encourages me to keep making them. Its kinda funny, I always swear Ill never do them again, and but the response from you really encourages me to do it, so I am very thankful for your support.

What We Test & Review

– Similar Features
– Differences
– Rack Zoom Focus Test / Sports Shooting Test
– Servo Focusing Accuracy Scores
– Buffer Performance
– Sports Performance Winner
– Precision Focus Test
– Accuracy vs Precision
– Live View Focus & Tracking
– Low Light Focusing
– ISO Tests
– Moire
– Rolling Shutter Test
– Thermal Temperature (after 20 mins of shooting)
– Overall Video Quality
– Dynamic Range Test
– Silent Shutter Modes (How quiet are they really?)
– Portrait Test

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