Many A7rii users have been asking about the A6300 and whether or not it is a wise investment to have in your camera bag. Others are asking if the A7rii is worth it. This is my summary as to why I believe these two cameras go well together. I’m hopeful Sony will release an update for the A6300 for uncompressed RAW as we well as the overheating. The focusing systems on the A7rii were very impressive to me, but now having shot with the A6300, the smaller APS-C camera is far and away a better choice for sports shooting.

Top Reasons Why I Think They Compliment Each Other Well

– A7RII has uncompressed RAW (A6300 does not); Learn more about Sony’s uncompressed 11+7 RAW HERE, HERE, and HERE
– Overheating was fixed by A7Rii update | A6300 has overheated on me a couple of times. Hopefully an update would fix this.
– A6300 Focusing System for sports is amazing, tracking accuracy way better, improved video tracking that is far smoother than A7RII.
– A6300 offers more video tools, SLOG3, 120 fps at 1080, Gamut Display, but does not have a headphone jack (A7RII does)
– A6300 at 4K has horrible rolling shutter, among the worst I’ve ever seen. A7Rii is more forgiving.
– A6300 has a completely silent burst mode.

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