UPDATE My Sony A6300 Crash Course is now available for purchase by download worldwide: CLICK HERE For Michael’s Sony A6300 Tutorial CourseAs many of you know, Sony’s new APS-C Mirrorless A6300 is now shipping, for about $1000 you get an incredible shooting tool in an extremely compact body. The highlights include:

– 24 MP Sensor
– 425 Phase Detection Points, nearly filling the frame & supposedly the fastest for any mirrorless camera
– 8/11 fps
– Internal 4K Video
– 120 FPS at 1080p resolution
– S Log 2, Slog 3
– Microphone Input

For something the size that will fit into your coat pocket the specs really jump off paper. It will be hard to know exactly how well it performs without running some real life tests, which as you know I will.

I think we are at a time and age now where DSLRs have finally met their match, the only real stronghold they have left is in autofocusing speed and accuracy for sports shooting, but from what I have seen in Sony and Samsungs NX-1, the end is near. A couple more years and I think the mirrorless focusing systems will be as good or better.

We have recently finished production on our 4 hour 20 minute “Sony A6300 Crash Course” and it is now ready for download!

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