Lets Play a Game and contribute to society at the same time…I have made a new category called “Slang”. Anytime you see me post anything under “Slang” its me saying, “Hey, Ive noticed this phenomena and we need to come up for a word for it….”

The Situation:

You open the refrigerator and notice there is about 1mm of OJ left in the juice pitcher. It isnt completely empty, but there isnt enough OJ for a half glass. Now we all know how this happens, the last person who took some OJ took just enough so it wasn’t completely empty (because if it was they might have to make more, wash or otherwise clean the pitcher, or heaven forbid be blamed for finishing to OJ off), so what do they do? They leave just enough in there for it to not be considered empty….

This phenomena is not isolated to OJ alone: I have also noticed it in gasoline, particularly when multiple people use the same car. (They will drive a full tank of gas down to 1/10th of a tank).

My purpose in doing this it to create a word for both:

1. A title of someone who might do this.
2. A verb, describing the action of doing this.

These two slang terms should be similar sounding. All suggestions will be taken seriously and after we have a few good ones to choose from, Ill check the slang dictionary, just to make sure they arent taken, and then we will have a little vote. Whichever one wins, we will just start using whenever it happens, maybe…just maybe, it will catch on and we will have invented a new slang word.

“Hey who (insert new slang term here)ed the OJ?”

(PS- “Short Stop” is already taken, it happens when you ask someone to pass an item of food at dinner and in the process of handing you this food item, they take some for themselves). (PPS- suggestions for other scenarios are also appreciated).