UPDATE: My Canon SL1 Crash Course is now available for download: Michael’s Canon SL1 Training Tutorial Download

DVDs should be available mid-July 2013Recently finished the editing of the Canon SL1 Crash Course Training VIdeo, which has gone into post production. Should be available for download Saturday or Monday for those of you who own it.

One question I have been getting over and over about it is how is the Canon SL1 different than the Canon T5i ?

SL1 vs T5i – Suffice it to say:

1. The SL1 is teeny, tiny and very light.
2. SL1 lacks an articulating monitor. (But it still has the touch screen)
3. SL1 Lacks the built-in flash transmitter

There are some other cosmetic differences, for example the SL1 has a textured, grippy body, buttons are in different places, no quick buttons on the direction pad but sensor & core functionality wise, these are nearly identical cameras. Would make an excellent back up camera for pro shooters with limited camera bag space.