I hate to say this…it didn’t live up to the hype and I was disappointed:

The Good:

1. The opening credits were outstanding, (there was applause in our theater for that alone). (Look for Vepser Lynd in there!).
2. There was one good scene where Bond is tied up to a chair.

Why I was disappointed:
1. The Dialogue is TERRIBLE!! M- “Are you ready to get back to work?” Bond- “With pleasure….with pleasure….” (!?#$*@&#!!!) You can see Craig wincing as he says it because he knows it’s so awful!!
2. Bond has an identity crisis that is all over the map and never makes any sense. Is he a drunk? Is he a surgeon/CSI detective (that is never answered) Does he hate his job? Is he too old for this? Is he injured? Does he hate his boss, or does he really care about her? Well we know he doesn’t, so why does he pretend? Is he John McClaine (Die Hard) or is he McGyver now?
3. Where the heck are all the gadgets?!?!?!? 1 gun and a device that does the same thing as any iPhone can do?
4. It feels like the writers were in way over their heads and intentionally stripped it clean to try to be as close to “real life” as possible.

So, like I said, I thought it was a little weak. Im calling it a rental.