I had an epiphany today about the Sky Cam. I am often asked about how to make these, which is why I have posted the construction guide on my store. The Sky Cam is a way to secure your very expensive SLR camera on top of a painter’s pole which will allow you to take pictures from 10-30 feet in the air. One of the problems with using the Sky Cam is that unless you have a special Zig viewer which is a small camera that fits over the view finder and plays on a detachable monitor, you cannot see what you are taking a picture of.

I just realized, the new Canon “Live View” feature solves this. All you would need is a video coupler, ($.99 at Radio Shack) and 20-30′ of video cable, just plug it into your Media Store / Portable DVD player. You can see everything! If you are going the transmitter route, you are good to go! (If not you have 10 seconds before the timer fires. Ive learned that if you go this way, set up your AEB right next to each other and it will take 3 pictures).

Here is the sketch I made this evening:It will be a while, but I have a video in the works on the Michael Andrew Sky Cam. The adapter itself can be made for about $25 from materials found in most hardware stores. If you are serious about making one and would like the very detailed instructions you can purchase Michael Andrew Sky Cam Adapter Guide Here.