Apple (particularly Steve Jobs) has always been interested in their products advancing the arena of mobile photography. It is a dedication they’ve taken seriously. And it’s worked. Most people rely solely on the camera in their phone for everything. Today Apple has published a site with 16 short clips about “How to shoot on iPhone 7”. It’s a slick looking site that could be very helpful to beginners or anyone interested in helpful mobile photography tips. The titles are:

How to shoot a great portrait.
How to shoot a close-up.
How to shoot a vertical Pano.
How to shoot without a flash.
How to shoot action.
How to shoot a selfie with the timer.
How to capture a unique angle.
How to shoot stills while filming.
How to shoot with street light.
How to shoot a bold and simple image.
How to shoot during golden hour.
How to shoot a one-handed selfie.
How to edit a selfie.
How to shoot a sunset silhouette.
How to shoot a group portrait.
How to shoot a backlit subject.

While these videos are only 30-40 seconds long and it’s impossible to thoroughly explain almost anything in this timeframe, they’re free! Take 5 minutes and check them out. You never know. You may learn something new. Check the videos out HERE and maybe they’ll help you get some great shots this weekend.