This afternoon some friends and I went to the range to target practice. I hadnt been in years so it was a good time. I couldnt resist to try some more of the gritty RAW images, so here are my favorites of the day. Here is the recipe for the Gritty RAW Images. It helps to shoot in RAW as you will have greater Dynamic Range for the adjustments, but if not the same settings will work in Lightroom. Again, thanks to Scott Kelby for this.

Recovery: Slide to 100
Fill Light: Slight to 100
Blacks: Slide to taste, around 30ish
Contrast: 100
Clarity: 100
Vibrance: 100
Saturation: Minus to taste, usually about -80 to -90

Export to Photoshop and you can go from there.

Doing it straight in Photoshop through other means is extremely tricky, and usually the pictures end up with different looks. Here are two more from Mikes shoot the other day that I thought came out very nice. He is actually a very nice guy and smiles much more than he did during the shoot…see: