Here’s another slick new gadget for the home; Sense. This aesthetically pleasing little device tracks one of the most important things you spend 1/3 of your life doing; sleep.

After a night’s sleep we all know how great or horrible we feel but what if you could know why. The little ceramic looking white sphere with a pretty cutout design tracks the essential causes of what makes for a good night’s rest. It will glow a warm green when conditions are perfect for sleep. More importantly it can report to what what right, or wrong, via your smart phone.

At 3:45 AM your neighbor pulled in their driveway and woke you. There was a high pollen count in the room. Somebody turned the bathroom light on. All of this and more is tracked to help you take action toward getting the possible rest each night.

They’ve already smashed their Kickstarter goal but you can check out the promo below and decide if you want to contribute.