While most of us know and use the right click “save image as” function of our computer mouse, there is a second way to take pictures of ANYTHING on your computer screen. This is especially useful when taking pictures of flash based sites, or web sites that wont allow you to “save image as”.

If you are using a PC the command button is to use the “Print Screen Button” and then go to the file where you want to place the image and select FILE and then PASTE. Kinda weird you have to do all these extra steps, and it only remembers one screen shot at a time, but it works.

If you are using a Mac, you will press Command + SHIFT + 3 (entire screen) or 4 (you select) and it will take an image to your desktop.

Very handy tool.

I am curious…does anyone know how to record video off your computer screen? Say for a training video?