I get a lot of emails from individuals with gigantic pictures attached. This is a really simple process to make your images smaller in both file and actual size. If you have photoshop and are not using this on a regular basis, this is how you do it:

Take your original images and get them the SIZE you want by clicking:

Image–>Image Resize (In this case say 200 pixels wide)

Next Click: File –> Save For Web (These settings are optimized to save pictures at low file sizes and you can adjust your compression settings as needed. You will have a dialog box that can have up to 4 different previews (see left tabs) on the same screen)
(Note on the bottom left of each picture you have predicted file size.)

Lastly you can adjust the compression visually by sliding the “Quality” slider in the top Right of the dialog box.

Finally save to the folder you want. This will save the picture as a copy so you have your original and one for the web.