I shot the Moon last night, but I not exactly happy with how the post processing is working out. Moon shots are really tricky because you really do have to take a few exposures and manually blend them together, and I was trying to get fancy with the clouds and it’s just not working out that well. Ill probably try the in camera HDR on the 5DIII, but with the movement of the moon and distance, I am certain it will be a blurry smudge. We will find out tonight.

Early this morning, I went with a few friends to Mala Wharf in Lahaina, it’s about a 40 minute drive from where I live, but sooooo worth it. Little cloudy today, but still plenty of fish. The coral was spawning, so you get a lot of debris/backscatter in the water.

Today I went with a different lens than I normally do, the Canon 28mm 1.8 – $459 which is perfect on the Canon 5DII in the Ikelite Water Housing.

I still wanted to show you guys these shots. Today I saw my first Frog Fish in the water. Once you see him, you will understand why they are so hard to see. The thing didn’t move an inch, and I was right up in his face. lolMy fav shot of another diver this am. I like to get these originals for everyone I meet. Even after telling them on land I will try to direct them, once we get in the water, they have no clue what Im trying to communicate to them, but my buddy Bill totally gets it, and Anna (in this picture) did too. Had some backscatter problems with some of the shots.