I finally broke down and went to see Sanctum out of curiosity. Despite some pretty weak dialogue and acting, the first half of the movie showed some real promise. I especially appreciated how it depicted the dangers of panicking while diving (a very real threat) & some of the under cinematography was awesome. (Not a huge fan of the 3-D). Up to half way, I was wondering why the reviews were so poor.

Second half was a different story.

I am going to tell you why this movie was awful and why you should never see it- ever:

1. For a movie about “not giving up”, there seemed to be too many scenes about giving up- as in completely. What the heck was the writer trying to say? “Never give up as long as is only for a little while?”

2. Little to zero emotional connection with the characters.

3. This movie endorses euthanasia. More than once.