Russian photographers Dmitriy Christoprudov and Nikolay Kykov came up with a concept to use a light source beneath the ice on Lake Baikal to create a unique effect. The idea was to have the cracks in the ice light up and look like lightening or electricity.

At the time of shooting Lake Baikal had three feet of thick ice covering it’s surface. Along the way the ran into several unanticipated logistical problems. The hole they dug wasn’t big enough for their light source. They had to enlisted the help of local fisherman with specialized tools to get the job done. After that the debris and scratches created by the fisherman’s boots had to be cleaned. It took them an hour to get the surface photo ready.

While the final images isn’t particularly mind blowing it’s a very cool concept. You can read more on their live journal that was translated by English Russia. Source