I received an email from a close Russian friend who lives in Moscow, and apparently the Russian government is working to prevent foreigners, including missionaries from staying in the country for more than 3 months at a time. I lived and served in Moscow, Russia for 2 years as a missionary when I was 19-21 years old. This is a bit of a surprise.

Under the new rules, if I understand them correctly, all foreigners would have to leave the country for three months (to their home country) and then could return in 3 months, but only be allowed to stay for another 3 months, and so on. More details pending…..

Ive been locked up in my editing room the last few days….getting so many things finished that Ive been working on for months. It feels good to get all the loose ends tied up. It looks like I will be here for Christmas, but its important to me to finish this. There are so many people, family and friends I wish I could visit- it’s just crunch time right now. I usually work until 5 or 6am, sleep until about noon and start again….this surely cannot be healthy, but I sleep when Im tired, and when Im awake…Im either working or working out. Itll be nice to be finished with everything…..and then I will probably start something else…..lol.