On my Canon Speedlite Crash Course DVD I demonstrate how to make a flash diffuser for about $2. I still have and use that same diffuser I made for the video to this day (2.5 years now!) but it is getting a little beat up and I thought I would try out the Rogue Flashbender which is made out of fabric and has 3 metal inserts that allow you to shape and bend it according to your needs.

For the most part, I have been liking this product. When it comes to using flash diffusers, ultimately the larger the surface area, the softer the shadows, and the Large model is pretty big. It also uses a strap to attach to any size flash very quickly. There were however a couple things I didn’t like about it:

1. It feels a little heavier than it should be.
2. It doesn’t easily swivel around your flash, which is a very important thing when you go from landscape to portrait orientations while using flash. I think I still like Gary Fong’s diffuser for this because there are no changes required.

All in all however, I am pretty happy with it and will continue to test it out in the coming weeks. You can find it on Bhphoto.com here:

Rogue Flashbenders on BHPhoto.com