The New Rocky Mountain Mattress website went live today. Why is this important to Michael Andrew readers? Well for one, if you are still sleeping on a regular spring mattress, please, for the love of yourself- get one of these things. You will spend about 1/3rd of your life in bed, with the average life span now hovering around 76, thats about 25 years…why not do it in the most comfortable way possible? Their memory foam mattresses are state of the art, form fit to your body and stay cool. Everyone I know that has one swears by them and I cannot ever possibly think of owning a regular mattress again. They even have bed toppers if you arent ready for a full upgrade. I consider my Rocky Mountain mattress one of the best purchases Ive made. Ok, now I am sounding like a commercial.

The second reason you should check out their new site is because it is covered with pictures taken by Michael Andrew. (This project took about 20 weeks of my life, even if it was within a one month period). I still cant really talk about what it was I did for them aside from plain pictures, but if you look closely, and understand photoshop you might be able to figure it out.

Rocky Mountain Mattress