I believe I have discovered the ultimate pair of shorts! Being that there are no real winters on Maui, it requires that I wear shorts pretty much more or less year round. Im not complaining. For years however, I have been looking for a perfect type of shorts, a pair that are cool, extremely comfortable, but could also be worn on either the beach, hiking, working out or even to dinner and play all these roles well. Having a few pairs of these imaginary type shorts would allow me to pack 3-4 for summer trips and have everything covered. Hey I like to pack light.

Up to this point in my life, I have come to conclude that such a pair of shorts did not exist. I would always bounce between board shorts for working out, beach, and hiking, and North Face or military khaki shorts for casual wear. One thing I absolutely cannot stand about classic board shorts is that they one have one little pocket, and they look a little weird.

I finally found the ultimate shorts and would not share them here unless I thought they were an absolute must have- Here they are, the perfect pair of shorts:The Ripcurl Mirage Boardwalk shorts are made out of the same material as 4 way stretchy board shorts, and they were designed to be used surfing. Yes, surfing. But the design and 5 pockets make them so much better looking that you could wear them really anywhere.

There are several other companies out there making them, but the Ripcurl Mirage Boardwalks fit me the best. I did a little research and learned there were only a few colors, including black and denim. Thats right, they look like they are made out of jean material, but they aren’t. So ridiculously comfortable I feel like throwing away all my other shorts.They are hard to find, but this online store Swell.com had most sizes:

Ripcurl Mirage Shorts on Swell.com

The best part…they are on sale! $40!
Thanks to Tom for submitting this video on one of the marketing campaigns for Rip Curl Mirage Shorts!