Being that I am only paid a very small percentage of what is actually viewed (my estimates range around 1/2 to 1 percent due to piracy), it has become necessary for me to take some action. Unless this changes sometime soon, I can see the writing on the wall in that I will have to stop making my training videos altogether, because I can tell you right now, it isnt very profitable. I spend a tremendous amount of time and money to plan, shoot, edit and distribute my DVDs. It is just heartbreaking to see people rip off everything I make, and its really getting old.

For some reason, people think that just because my videos have been ripped off and put on torrent, rapidshare web sites that somehow, downloading them is not stealing. Well, I have some bad news for you, IT IS. Downloading any music, videos, or movies that were not distributed by the manufacturer IS STEALING. I have NEVER put any of my videos entirely out there, and the only ones I have a single lessons identified at the end with “”. So if you are seeing someone do this, this is a major huge crime and we (my attorney and I) want to know who they are, and yes we are absolutely coming after them once they have been identified.

The sad thing when it comes to my Crash Course DVDs on Canon Cameras, is that here we have individuals who go out and spend $1000 – $2000 on camera gear and then go out and rip off a DVD that costs $35-45, so we know it isn’t about money, they have they money. Additionally, if you think about it, the only people who are really causing all the problems in the first place are the people who buy my DVDs. If none of my videos were “seeded”, no one else could download them.

I have a number of different solutions to help combat the piracy I am seeing of my video products, this is just one of them: I am offering a $1000 Reward for information which leads to the identification, prosecution and conviction of anyone who has illegally placed my videos on the internet, or who has illegally downloaded or distributed any of the following videos or products:

– Canon 40D Crash Course
– Canon 50D Crash Course
– Canon Rebel XSi Crash Course
– Canon Rebel T1i Crash Course
– Canon Rebel T2i Crash Course
– Canon 7D Crash Course
– Digital Photography Crash Course
– Photoshop Crash Course
– Canon Speedlite Crash Course
– Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro
– Michael Andrew Lollipops

Illegal distribution can range from downloading, sharing downloads, uploading, copying DVD and then selling the original, blatant mass distribution of, etc. If you know of someone who has done this and can prove it beyond any reasonable doubt, I would absolutely like to know about. It may not be easy to get this information, probably the best is a computer that has the files, or a pirated DVD in the possession of someone. IP addresses linked to an individual will also work. You will also need to have legal access to this evidence for it to be considered.

Rewards will be paid to informants either: When the individual is sentenced, or if there is some type of settlement.

Keep your eyes peeled, you probably know someone who has….