This is a video made by a Vincent Laforet, one of Canon’s Explorers of Light (this means he is very VERY good at what he does). The video is jaw droppingly awesome. Remember this was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II (its a still camera with HD video built in). I am stunned by the quality….The image below was taken from the video shot from a Helicopter….from what I can tell, its real. No Photoshop (or After Effects) trickery. He had the camera for 3 days…it was a last minute thing.

I do not believe any of us can comprehend how this will change video making and the advances that will come from it. Remember, this is a $2600 camera, that you will be able to use ANY Canon EOS lens on. According to Vincent, all the clips you are about to see in Reverie are straight out of the camera. WOW!!

Amazing job Vincent!!Reverie By Vincent Laforet

The Making of Reverie By Vincent Laforet

Vincent’s blog