Despite the fact that I am returning home soon, Im certain the work will continue for Nathan and his team here in Japan. Nathan has already agreed to help a fresh group of volunteers that showed up yesterday and he is helping them get plugged into some work.

I imagine that Nathan is standing at the very beginning of many, many service/aid opportunities. In fact, I would say with Nathan’s resources, knowledge of the culture, language, logistics, practical field operations, etc- he is probably the number one expert in Japan right now for doing volunteer aid work. I know Nathan doesn’t care about recognition or titles, however, this is just a fact that puts him in a position to do a lot of good, as well as attract a lot of resources and volunteers.

If you are lucky enough to even consult with Nathan- listen to his input carefully, it will prove to be invaluable. In fact, any of the guys on our team, Samuel, Thomas, Tomio, the Honda Boys, David- are all pretty much experts at what a volunteer can do here. Any one of them could easily lead the right group of volunteers for several days through a meaningful and rewarding experience.

There are certain ideas we are exploring and if any if them come to fruition, it will be pretty incredible for all involved. Please stay tuned for more information on this.

I personally spent the day at Grape City working on the video we are putting together which outlines some of the work we have been doing here and I am having a ton of fun doing it. It’s really nice to be working with a team of professionals instead of doing it all alone as I normally do.

The video is being made for several reasons, primarily for accountability of the funds and resources which have been trusted to the Meysen Group.

The video will also be a powerful tool in explaining the techniques of how we have been able to move nearly 50 tons of aid to over 9000 people in just 15 days of operating in the field. The beauty of it was that most if this aid went the ones who needed it most.

We are also very thankful to the so many people who contributed to making the operation happen. The level of unselfish team work was like nothing I have ever seen.

I will have to really hustle tomorrow if I want to finish the video before I leave, which is Thursday. Should be arriving back on Maui Thursday afternoon. Hopefully I will be able to rest and get my strength back in a few days.

Was finally able to see the full size images from my Canon 7D, I have tons of great images coming starting tomorrow.

Learned a lot of neat insights from the Broman brothers today at meals- things I’ve been thinking about recently, but when we are talking/planning somehow those ideas evolve into an applicable tool. I think a lot of it has to do with bouncing ideas around with the right (wise) people. I really enjoy hanging out and talking with Nathan, Joshua, Paul and Tomio. It’s like we just “get” each other and are on the same wavelength.

More great posts coming very soon….