We’ve seen reality shows for almost every profession out there; chef, model, fashion designer, interior designer, musician. Now, a British TV production company is working on a reality show to find the next big fashion photographer. Backed by the Royal Photographic Society the show has a running title of ‘Back to Front’. Eleven contestants will face weekly challenges with two mentors for a chance to have their photo featured on the cover of a major fashion magazine and an exhibition of their work. They will be judged by a panel of three professional photographers that have yet to be named.

A lot of shows that started in England make their way to America. If the show is a success I’m sure we can expect to see something similar in US shortly thereafter.

The viability of careers spawning from such reality shows is questionable. Even show winners struggle to develop careers after the lights go out. The exposure is sometimes not what contestants expect. You’re under a microscope for a number of weeks and show editors can often make you appear however they want you to appear. Many former reality stars have lamented their experience. However, some people want the spotlight, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

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