Yuji Naka created one of gaming’s most beloved characters; Sonic the Hedgehog. Since leaving Sega in 2006 he’s ventured off on his own creating independent games. His most recent is called Real Whales. If you’ve ever dreamed of an adventurous whale scouting expedition to Alaska (or anywhere else in the world) but can’t afford it, you can download this game for free on iOS. It’s $4.99 on Android.

You scout the globe for the best whale and dolphin watching opportunities and attempt to snap the perfect image as they jump out of the water. You can also get images of other sea life and facts and information on them. You can save all of your favorites pictures into albums.

According to the original article there’s a pretty good market for photography game in Japan. The game seems pretty simple but maybe it’d work as a relaxing way to pass time during a boring commute or while traveling. You can check out the promo video below.