Wow…what a great, great time at the Long Island, NY workshop. I dont know if there is much else I enjoy more than teaching photography in person, I just feel a surge of positive energy everytime I have the chance. I wanted to say thank you so much to Laura, Rob, Mark, Derrick, and Joel for believing in me, investing in the opportunity and going through all the trouble of coming, and hope you found the information I shared with you useful. I had a great time meeting and getting to know you guys. I was truly shocked by how fast time flew by. We at down to chit-chat about some basic photography questions and the next thing I new 3 hours had gone by. It felt like 15 minutes.

Laura offered her home for us to use which was a perfect setting, including the fact that it was across the street from “The House” in Amityville. Yes, that same house that gave me (and probably most of you) nightmares during younger years. There was a somewhat of a weird vibe that many of the local neighbors didnt want people taking pictures of the house, and even practicing photography in the street we had some people yell at us, but I was pretty determined to get a 365 shot in front of it. Even Laura warned us to be careful, and while I didnt want to get arrested or harassed, it was a possibility. Apparently many people think its a museum, or open house and try to walk inside, fool around with it, etc, so you can understand why people are anxious.

There are 2 huge trees in front of it, so you had to stand in one exact spot, on the sidewalk directly in front of it, there was a lot of traffic coming through, we had several people stop and stare at us, a private cop drove by no less that three times, and I had to walk up right up to it to get it, no less at 11pm at night and being what it was “the house”…it was a little freaky. You had to be there to understand why it wasnt easy, just know it wasnt. Rob definitely helped encourage me and I was glad he was there when it all went down. We just decided to do it and suffer whatever consequences came and when we finally went for it, I was like…if I get arrested or harrased, Im willing to live with it as long as I get a good shot! 🙂 Its worth it! I ended up probably taking 30 very long exposures (the top part was pretty dark).

Hope to post it soon.

Also, in really, REALLY great news…we finally got the green light on the 580 DVD. Im going to crash now, but look for the pre-order special to open VERY soon. Ill make an announcement here, and they will be shipping in 2 weeks. 🙂