The powers that be see to it that every time a fantastic video game for the Xbox 360 comes out, one of the first released copies ends up in my hands, in exchange for a review on here….it’s a terrible life I tell you. Yes, I do like to have fun every once in a while, and this is one of the ways I do it…though I must say I don’t play as nearly as much as I used to. I could tell you about my blog’s magical SEO abilities, but that is another story….

I will try to be brief in my review:

It’s impressive.

What’s new / better:

1. The graphics. They spent A LOT of time on making this game look amazing. I appreciated the detail, and if you thought the first one was good looking, this one is a knock-out.

2. Customizations- Way too many to even think to begin to describe. They may have overdone it here. Customizations work in both story mode and online game types.

3. Upgrades- There are multiple ways to get experience points, close-range, long range or assault. Experience points unlock new gear and weapons.

4. 11 new weapons. I wont spoil it.

5. AI and team-mates seem smarter.

6. Sprinting ability.

7. Better multiplayer features. Too many to list.

8. Ability to shoot through thin cover. I thought this was cool.

What is the same:

1. The overall feel and play of the game are pretty much the same. This is probably a good thing.

Think of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, as a beefed up, better looking, smoother playing version of the first.

Did I mention how amazing the graphics are?