I’m going to have to keep this super short tonight. After typing for 2 hours I accidentally deleted tonights previous entry. There is no way i can type it again. Boo. So sorry about that.

It will be nice to have a normal keyboard again. Kind of crazy to think that everything I have written here in Japan has been typed with my right thumb on an iPhone. Lol!

Long story short:

It rained all day today.

We opened up our truck by the road and distributed close to 4 tons of aid in under 2 hours to people who stopped.

We will do it again tomorrow in Sunny weather. Should be heading back to Sendai tonight.

Open truck distribution method: We just open up the truck and give out what we have to those who want it. Worked really well!Good times! Dinner tonight, Nathan telling funny stories.The honey bees.Nathan, his sister Ester (the Queen Bee) and Honeybee Leah. I kid you not, this was the 4th time I had ice cream today.

We will try to get a big group photo tomorrow before we go back to Sendai.David- our fourth driver. He is a great guy and we have had some good times. I gave him a Swiss Army knife tonight.Nathan gave me my first pizza here today. He is really thoughtful!