I am sure by now you have seen that one of the new MA Blog categories is “Food Reviews”. Every once in a while I find something edible that is surprisingly good, or surprisingly very extra bad. It is my aim that when I find either of these two things, I will take a picture of it, make a note and post it on my blog. I cant help it, I just have this overwhelming urge that forces me to do so, even if no one ever reads about it….ever.
This is what mavens do.

While many of my friends in Tuscaloosa will read this entry and say “DUH”, this information is aimed at those of you who don’t know what a Q’Doba is.

This afternoon I met my friend Dave at Qdoba to discuss a business idea I have.

Its basically Subway…only for Mexican food. This is how it works:

1. You tell them what you want. Like Burrito, tacos, salad, etc.
2. Tell them what type of meat you want, steak, chicken, etc.
3. Tell them what type of salsa and toppings you want.
4. They wrap it up and off you go.

Of particular interest:

A. The quality of food is very good. This isn’t like Taco Bell where you cant really tell what the meat is, you can look at it and tell. It is actually quite tasty. It appears most of their ingredients are whole foods, ie not processed

B. The quantity of each serving is significant. I am 6’2” and weigh around 225 lbs, plus I exercise a lot which makes me good at eating. I don’t ever recall leaving Qdoba hungry after eating one of their Burritos
Doesnt Dave look happy? His burrito is about half way done…that should give you an idea on the size. Dave is a good friend- we are very like minded business wise and just bouncing ideas off him is truly surprising. He has a great marketing mind.