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Canon Rebel XSi Tutorial Video

 10 Customer Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews  
Ron Breckler (8.14.12, 4:05pm)
Your DVD has Great information for us picture taking beginners in the Digital SLR world. Delivered in a format and presented in a manor to be easy to watch and learn from, then later use, if needed as a quick reference source for tech questions about my camera.
Thanks Michael with your DVD, I plan to be a lot more involved in my camera usage than just point and shoot and pray for a good picture system I had been using.
All the best in your Photo Business

Ron B
Brian Boudreau (8.14.12, 4:04pm)
Must have DVD for XSi users. this DVD will save you months if not years of learning
Michael Cruz (8.14.12, 4:03pm)
I have seen in total 3 DVD Training Guide for Rebel XSi. This one from Michael is the best. It is detailed and Michael give out very helpful tips. I strongly recommend you to get this one. The other training DVD for XSi are very "marketing oriented" if you know what I mean. This one is the genuine article!

I love this DVD and its been really helpful for beginners like me. He broke it down into very "chewable" chapters, its not boring or in any way ridiculous (like the other XSi DVDs).

He tells you all the features of the XSi, provides very helpful photography basics, and excellent tips on how to take great shots!

This is the best XSi DVD training program out there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I would like to offer my deepest thanks to Michael for this DVD and for helping me process this order.

Good luck and more power!
Michael R. Cruz
James McQuiggan (8.11.12, 12:33pm)
Not only did the DVD help me learn about the camera, but also more about photography. This DVD provides an excellent breakdown into the functions of the camera from LiveView to various types of shutter settings for aperture, shutter speed and ISO! The photography training provided me the very foundation that I use today to capture images and create pictures for me, family and friends!
John (8.3.12, 10:06pm)
Hi Michael Andrew!

I just watched my Canon Rebel XSi DVD! Thank you for putting together such a nice, nice video. I know this must have taken a tremendous amount of time, it is well worth the price of the DVD and I plan on watching it several more times. Please keep up the good work.


Levi (8.3.12, 10:06pm)
This is the best DVD for Canon Rebel XSi and photography.
I won't take it out of my DVD player for a very long time.


Karen (8.3.12, 10:05pm)
Hey Michael!

Just wanted to let you know that I love, love, love the DVD. So many great things on it. All of the information was completely useful. I am still such a "newbie" at this, but with your help and my on-line class, I am learning so much wonderful information.

I really enjoyed your recommendation of lenses. It made me gawk like a kid in a candy store!! My husband bought me a 55-250mm IS for my birthday. I love the zoom and the fact that I can get good shots at under 1/60. My next purchase is going to be the 50mm, probably the 1.8 since I can't afford the 1.4 right now. I figure it will be good for me to practice with.

I also loved your portrait crash course. I am going to be referring to a lot of this information when I get that new 50mm lens!! I loved the lighting information also. Going over the camera step-by-step was so great too, as you pointed out so many things that I hadn't taken the time to learn about yet.

Your method of teaching is so personable. I love that you have the same respect for me, as a newbie, as you do for others on the forum who seem so advanced.

So, my Rogers and Ebert assessment of your DVD (you being the big movie buff and all) is a resounding two thumbs up!! Great job!!!

Mary (8.3.12, 10:05pm)
I just finished watching the DVD XSi Crash Course that I bought from the Michael Andrew Store and I have to say that it is an excellent DVD and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to get to know their new XSi camera. Michael went through every button on the camera, explaining the different settings, what setting he would recommend-when and why. If you want to really get to know what every single button and menu is for on your XSi then this is the dvd to watch. (he also has a crash course for the 40D). He is an excellent teacher and what came across throughout the video is that he really cares and he wants you to know your camera, and to grow and enjoy your photography. He has the DVD set up so you can go back and click on whatever it is you need/want to go back and learn.

This is what is on the DVD:
Digital Photography School
Michael's Complete Composition Course
Natural Lighting Crash Course
Portrait Crash Course
Free Access to Michael's Online video lessons
Improved Canon Menu Selection System

At the end of the video he went through his camera bag and showed what he carried to a shoot, and why, and what he considers the best lens for different situations, and why. He went through all his gear!! I consider this DVD a gold mine of information not only for my camera but also photography in general. I am so glad that I bought it. (Both the dvd and my new XSi)

What I enjoyed was that watching the dvd was like sitting down with a friend and having them show you your camera.

Shawn (8.3.12, 10:04pm)
Hello Michael -

I received your Canon Rebel XSI Crash Course video on Tuesday and promptly popped popcorn watched the entire thing (Yes , I know that it is 3hours long)If I may offer some feedback from a teacher's perspective. The information is thorough and clear and well paced. There are different learning styles and your video covers the auditory (Learns by hearing, talking, speaking, and debates/discussion) and visual (learns by visual materials such as pictures, charts, maps, graphs, etc) learning, quite well. Overall, I enjoyed the learning process very much. Thank You!


Adrianna (8.3.12, 10:04pm)
Just writing to tell you I made my first photography shoot in which I was actually paid! This probably isnt a big deal to someone like you, but you have no idea how excited I am about it! When I got your DVD, I literally knew NOTHING about photography, so I owe you so much. Not only did your DVD teach me about the tricky concepts of the camera, but the composition lessons helped greatly. Thank you so much for putting this together!


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