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Olympus EM1ii Training Tutorial Crash Course

 2 Customer Reviews
Olympus EM1ii Crash Course - Download

2 Customer Reviews  
Rosa Silva (6.5.17, 4:05pm)
This is a great course! Initially I found it a bit expensive but I could not find other course for my new Olympus, so I decided to try it. I do not regret! It is really worth the money. Michael is a great instructor and the videos are thorough, easy to understand and to follow. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Dennis Oosthuizen (5.7.17, 10:19pm)
Just need to thank you for this course. I recently purchased this course and after being used to my Canon and Nikon camera's, the Olympus was something new to me and this course has really helped me get to quickly learn the settings of this camera. I recommend these courses to anyone who wants to understand and learn the functions of their camera's quickly and thoroughly. Thank you.
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