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Nikon D7200 Crash Course Download

 7 Customer Reviews
Nikon D7200 Crash Course - Download Only
Nikon D7200 Crash Course DVD + Download

7 Customer Reviews  
Jay S. (12.18.16, 1:37pm)
Awesome course!
Laura B. (12.5.16, 2:32pm)
Perfect for keeping up with all the new technology in cameras these days ~ a really wise purchase for us older folks!
Christopher L. (12.5.16, 2:31pm)
Arrived on time and in good shape. This is a wonderful intro to the Nikon d7200; it puts me way ahead in the comfort level of enjoying this camera.
dzynermjm (9.29.15, 10:54pm)
Like him on You Tube- Excellent DVD

Written like you were sitting there with Mike scrolling through the menus. Searching for a specific topic is also easy
Cheryl Mays (9.29.15, 10:10pm)
awesome it
Paul E. Sabin (9.29.15, 10:10pm)
It was excellent. Most helpful resource I've found so far.
John Boyle (9.29.15, 10:09pm)
I bought my wife a new computer, it's called a Nikon D7200. We wanted to get off of auto everything but we needed help doing it. I Googled the subject and soon found out that everyone has their own opinion on what settings to use and what lenses to buy and one photographer made a youtube video talking down about another photographer,.....give me a break. Anyway, I found this and read the reviews and decided to buy it. I have just finished the entire video and have decided that this was and is absolutely perfect for my wife and I. Michael has a nice easy way about him and it looks like he has put an awful lot of time and effort into making this instructional video. Not only does he teach you about the camera and how to use it but he also gives really go insights on photography itself. I liked it so much that I/we have now joined his Miachaelthemaven forum which seems to have really nice down to earth people on it as well. If you bought this camera, you should absolutely buy this dvd.
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