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Nikon D5500 Crash Course

 3 Customer Reviews
Nikon D5500 Crash Course Download Only
Nikon D5500 Crash Course DVD + Download

3 Customer Reviews  
OBrien (9.29.15, 10:12pm)
My head is spinning. Michael has everything a novice like could ever want ... and so, so much more! I bought this video because I have a huge shoot coming up in June. I am creating some marketing materials for my novel series that require me to travel to North Carolina to get some photo and video shots of a place applicable to my series -- but soon, the place in question is going to be bulldozed into a park. Thus, this is my only chance to get the shots I need (forever!).

Tried unsuccessfully to hire a photographer to take the shots I needed: no good outcome. So I decided to do it myself. I found a good camera (I hope) and then started panicking that I have no idea how to shoot pictures (real pictures). I have four days to learn what I need to do.

Michael is informative. And he doesn't skimp on anything! His lessons are clear (though it does take someone like me watching it on repeat several times), his direction is good, and his results speak for themselves. I only wish I could have talked to him for 10 minutes to get his recommendation for three specific shots. Scared to death, here.

I would recommend Michael's video to anyone who needs any level of information/training on photography in general or the Nikon D5500 specifically. He's fantastic. Worth every penny -- seriously.

If I had one area of constructive criticism for Michael, it would be to review some of the lessons he has there. He appears to reference examples for other cameras when saying you can hit this or that button (e.g., there is no White Balance button readily accessible on this camera). Other than that, I would only ask for more visual examples of the principals he uses. I learn visually, so it's nice to have that, along with some general tips on possible settings for specific types of shoots. Novices (like me) could use them and more experienced photographers could use them or ignore them.

Everything being equal, I would highly recommend this video (or any one of his other ones). Great buy!
Click Click Zoom (9.29.15, 10:12pm)
This is a great DVD! It saved me so much time learning the functions on my camera. It would have taken me forever to try and figure out the instruction manual. This DVD teaches you everything you need to know and more. It also covers the basics of photography so you can quickly start making beautiful photos.
Bill Nosda (9.29.15, 10:11pm)
This video is very useful in starting to know your Nikon better. It has helped me in doing so, having bought the camera and not really knowing how to really get a full view on using my Nikon. The instructor explains everything very clearly and the visuals help just as much! I would recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to learn about on, how to get the full use out of your Nikon.
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