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Nikon D750 Crash Course

 7 Customer Reviews
Nikon D750 Crash Course Download Only
Nikon D750 Crash Course DVD + Download

7 Customer Reviews  
Rey L. (2.20.18, 5:33pm)
I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you. I purchased your Nikon D750 Crash Course DVD from Amazon and it was exactly what I needed!
I’ve been a professional videographer since starting my business in 2005 and enjoyed photography since I was very young. However, I always shied away from manual settings and let the camera choose what it thought was best. After deciding to introduce photography to my services last year (starting with real estate photography), I have been banging my head against a wall trying to get all of this new information into my 49-year-old brain. After watching countless YouTube Videos and reading book after book, your explanations of the exposure triangle, the D750’s features and buttons finally made it all “click” for me. Though I have a long way to go, a lot of pictures (good and bad) to take and many, many more things to learn, I am forever grateful to you for the boost.
This started as a simple thank you, but a situation came up literally as I was typing this. If I could ask for one bit of advice -

Thanks so much for all that you have done!
A Mukerji (7.31.17, 1:57pm)
Everything went as expected.
Starry Sky (9.29.15, 10:15pm)
Loved the thorough lesson on photography for beginners. The video gave a thorough and well explained 101 lesson on everything about how cameras work, like aperture, shutter speed, etc. By the time you finish watching this video, you know what every button does on this camera and he adds special tips on focusing and how to create more pleasing portraits. It's obvious Michael the Maven knows the Nikon D750 really well and he helps you in any possible scenario you'd like to shoot. Highly recommended!
Donald Powers (9.29.15, 10:14pm)
Awesome video and teaching aid
R.A.R (9.29.15, 10:14pm)
Clear, concise, explanations. Great video. Easy to follow.
Ronald V. Clark (9.29.15, 10:14pm)
The DVD covered what I wanted to know about the Nikon D750 plus a lot more. After anyone watches this video they should have a better understanding about the camera and also in taking better pictures in general. Great items to come back to if you need to refresh your idea on what you are trying to do with a particular type of photo scenario you are working on. Give it 5 stars!
OctavianC (12.7.14, 11:05pm)
This was by far the most logical explanation with real life application examples for the specific camera model. I've enjoyed the course, thank you for putting this together.
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