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Panasonic GH4 Crash Course Download

 7 Customer Reviews
Panasonic GH4 Tutorial Training - Download Only
Panasonic GH4 Tutorial Training DVD + Download

7 Customer Reviews  
TJack (5.1.17, 4:34pm)
I actually bought this because I was struggling with my new GX8. It was super helpful because the menu system is so similar.
This is an awesome tool - Thanks MIchael!!
C White (3.15.17, 12:04pm)
My second buy! Graduated from the t4i crash course to the Gh4 and its just as effective 4 years later! Far greater value than price but unfortunately you won't realize unless you buy it which some may not if it was actually listed higher... These dvd's are 4 hours that will save you weeks of error easily. Do the thing.
H20mark (9.29.15, 10:05pm)
Good review of a majority of options of the GH4
Bigfish (9.29.15, 10:05pm)
Well done and easy to follow. Weather your new or seasoned this a good learning tool and refresher
Kjersti (9.29.15, 10:04pm)
This was the perfect video. In the past I have bought videos from Michael the Maven and each one helps me in a different way. I especially appreciate that the lessons are tailored to this particular camera. If you need help understanding your camera this video is the way to go!
Shyrah (9.29.15, 10:03pm)
I learned more from watching this DVD about my camera than I ever could have by just trying to figure it out myself. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to work your camera or you are trying to learn the basics of photography then this product is exactly what you need. Not only does he teach you about the camera but he also teaches you basic photography techniques. I would buy this for anyone of my friends who bought this camera and is beginning to learn photography.
Sean Bruce (8.9.14, 1:37am)
Excellent crash course for a great camera. After purchasing the GH4, I found it both fun & simple to capture some very impressive images & footage. However, my lack of technical knowledge & the immense # of customizable features onboard was a bit intimidating for a rookie like myself. Thanks to your clear explanations & demonstrations of this sweet camera I feel 100% confident in operation of my GH4 to its potential now.. So glad I came across & purchased this course to complement my GH4... Loving this thing!!
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