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Nikon D3300 Training Tutorial Download

 8 Customer Reviews
Click Here for Nikon D3300 Training Download
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8 Customer Reviews  
Terri Jackson (10.16.16, 4:28pm)
Dear Michael- I was gifted with my camera and your tutorial DVD set for the Nikon D3300 by my husband. I watched your dvd's over and over and skipped shooting on auto and just jumped in, it has been life changing and life saving.Thank you again, Gratefully, Terri Jackson
David Stone (12.16.15, 12:46pm)
Hi Michael I'm David Stone, I learned about you when buying my first DLSR camera last month, from a guy at Best Buy who suggested that I purchase your videos. He said his daughter purchased your videos and is taking excellent photos now. That night I purchased the Nikon D3300 Crash Course from Amazon on Nov 30. I have loved your videos and I'm learning a ton of information quickly. Thank you!!!!
Ronald L. Swartz (9.29.15, 10:18pm)
Very informative for new user
Jimena C. (9.29.15, 10:18pm)
I will review this DVD giving information on reasons why I wanted this item, delivery time, pros and cons, and whether I would recommend this to a friend and why/not.

Reasons why I wanted this item
First of all, I own a Nikon D3300 for a while now but I never had the time to sit and read the manual or take advantage of all the settings in the camera because I didn't know how to use the camera. I decided I needed someone to explain to me how to use it.

Delivery time
The delivery time was excellent. The item arrived within 1/2 business days. (FYI: I have an Amazon prime membership)

The dvd course is excellent. It not only covers basic and essential photography concepts, but it also pinpoints specific information on the Nikon D3300. Michael is very clear in his explanations and he makes these concepts easy to understand. Yes, it's true that the dvd is homemade (as I read in a previous review) but that doesn't make it less valuable. The price I paid was right if you consider actually attending a photography class. Plus, you can watch it as many times as you need.

I didn't find anything that I disliked about it.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend. I can also watch this dvd as many times as I need (that's the advantage of having it at home). Thanks Michael, you rock.
Jennifer Gold (9.29.15, 10:17pm)
I would recommend beginners, those who are unfamiliar with Nikon or this camera, and those who want to learn how to take amazing photos in an artistic way to buy this video. I loved how Michael walks through what everything means on your display. I certainly would purchase this DVD for a friend who might have this camera. I give this DVD 5 stars!
Cayzia Reed (9.29.15, 10:17pm)
There's so much valuable information in this crash course DVD. How could you not absolutely love it? The best part is that I can watch it over and over again, if I forget how to do something, without going back to an instructor (who I would probably have to spend money to get advice from) or trying relentlessly to find the answer through google searches. I would recomend this video for beginners like me. Thank you! Great video!
V Maria (9.29.15, 10:16pm)
I'm so happy I found this course. Michael is a wonderful teacher. The course is great because not only did I learn the important concepts of photography that translate to any DSLR (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, focusing), it goes over every possible function of my specific camera. No detail is missed in this course. Thank you Michael for saving me so much time and stress. I finally truly understand how to use my camera and feel confident about how to capture the images I want.
Michael Nelson (5.19.14, 10:06am)
I just bought this camera, my old camera was a Nikon D50. I really enjoyed your tutorials, and it wasnt hard for me to understand even though I am from Scandinavia. It helped me a lot to understand the camera and its functions.
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