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Canon 70D Crash Course Training Tutorial Video

 17 Customer Reviews
Canon 70D Training Video Download Only
Canon 70D Training Video DVD & Download Combo

17 Customer Reviews  
D. Hudgens (6.13.17, 7:34pm)
This is a "must have" video if you have a Canon 70D camera. This video gives great explanations for a camera with lots of features that need clear directions for the use of these features.
Giuseppe (12.2.15, 5:28am)
Very good course for beginners like me. Easy to understand also for foreign people (i'm Italian). Not very cheap but very good value for money. Good job. I bought the 70D 1 week ago (my first dslr) and after this tutorial i feel already quite secure. I'll continue to follow you. Thank you.
P.S. sorry for mistakes but i'm not used to write in english.
Johan Sigfridsson (6.12.14, 5:59am)
Spoiler alert: This DVD is a 5/5, perfect for both beginners and intermediate users who wants to get familiar with their new camera and learn some basics about photography.

Now that being said, let’s get into the details..
The first part of the DVD is a crash course in basic photography, going through everything from terminology, techniques, fundamentals of composition, lighting and more.
Best part about it is that while things are kept very simple, nor overly technical, Michael always manages to give you all the information you need.

In the second part we get a run through of our camera, all the settings, menus etc, and boy does it save time.. we also get tons of explanations and practical examples for each and every setting.

Bottom line, whether or not you’re completely new to photography or have some previous experience, this DVD is for you!

Kelly Smith (6.10.14, 8:24pm)
I just wanted to thank you so much for your AWESOME Canon 70D Crash Course Video. I just bought a new 70D and was searching for a quick way to familiarize myself with it's menus and functions. Your video course came up on the google search and I couldn't be more thrilled! It was worth every penny - and completely exceeded my expectations. You are such a gifted instructor – easy to follow, you stay on point, give excellent visible demos of each function desired and left me feeling completely confident that I can use my new camera to take some amazing shots for my blog. Thank you again so much! You can bet that I will be sharing your site with all of my blogging friends! You are the BEST! With blessings and gratitude, Kelly
jimbofx (4.14.14, 1:11am)
This video is an excellent tutorial. It is extremely thorough. No great shakes with the production value, but it presents the information you need. I had also purchased the Blue Crane 70D video because of my satisfaction with their series on the 60D, but they really did little more than a thumbnail overview on the 70D. For about the same price this one is 100% better.
Jailoliv "Jai" (3.21.14, 6:30pm)
It is worth the money I paid for it. I keep watching it over and over because there is a lot of information and it is very easy to forget when you actually need it. However, my photography skills have improved tremendously and I know my camera a lot better now. Please be aware that at least 2/3 of the video focuses on photography in general, not just the Canon 70D. However, there is enough coverage of the camera itself.
Tony Reel (3.20.14, 7:10pm)
SInce I recently bought the EOS 70D as an upgrade from the Rebel T4i that I had for a little over a year, I knew I had to get this tutorial. I learned much more from these DVDs than I ever did with the users manual, which isn't exactly an intuitive way for me to learn. Seeing and doing is best for me. This is the 3rd one I've bought and I love all of them. Thanks to The Maven for making learning enjoyable. It takes the mystery out of the equation and replaces it with confidence.
Jeff Sheldon (3.14.14, 2:54pm)
I bought the Blue Crane, Michael the Maven and the Canon DVD that comes with the 70D kit. After watching all 3 of these training DVDs, I can objectively say that Michael the Maven is the most helpfull at walking you through all of the camera's features and settings. I've only bought Blue Crane DVDs in the past for other cameras, but now I'm sold on Michael the Maven's training courses.
William E (2.23.14, 1:12pm)
This instructional DVD is very well done. Comprehensive, but, easy to understand. I highly recommend it if you own or plan to purchase a Canon 70D.
Mike (2.23.14, 1:12pm)
This DVD course is packed with useful information for anyone wanting to learn photography. My wife is just starting out and this was a life saver. Much better than just digging into the manuals and books on the subject. Gives you a real leg up on the learning curve with not only the canon 70D but with photography in general. How and why to make setting adjustments on the camera as opposed to just using auto mode.
Daniel Fisher (2.23.14, 1:11pm)
If you're new to digital photography, or just new to the 70D, I'd highly recommend. Best money I've spent on educational material in some time. Thanks for all the great work Michael, would highly recommend.
Body By Gym (2.23.14, 1:11pm)
I bought my wife this Awesome Camera for Christmas. We had a Point and Shoot. This DVD had her up and running in no time. She's not an "automatic" setting type of person, so she really wanted to know the in's and out's of the new camera and this DVD had her adjusting settings like a Pro! Very informative and set up so you can do certain lessons and then come back and do other lessons at your own pace. You will view it more than once because it's Sooo informative, but in a good way!
I made a Very,Very, Good Choice when i added this to the Christmas gift and you will too!
Terry Springer (2.23.14, 1:10pm)
The 70D crash course is an outstanding DVD. I hardly ever buy a training video, because most of the time they are not with what you pay for them. This video was not the case, this was worth every dime. thanks
Stuart Whelan (12.3.13, 1:43am)
Michael, congratulations on producing the most useful DVD series that I have come across. Having just bought the 70D and my first Digital SLR I needed to get up to speed quickly on this camera. You have provided a clear and informative DVD using real world examples delivered with your engaging personality.

I looked at some of Michael’s YouTube videos initialy to see if I warmed to his style and that sold me. The way that the DVD is broken down into segments makes revision of specific topics so easy and it then becomes an ongoing reference work not just a manual that is put away and never referred to again.

Congratulations Michael on an excellent DVD.

I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand their 70D camera and photography principals to just buy this reasonably priced and great value DVD/Download.

Manoj Patel (11.14.13, 7:52am)
I couldn't  resist to write to you and congratulate you on the videos. Excellent. I would advise any one to get these DVDs. I love the way you have organised the presentation. I have learnt a lot in these few days. I just keep watching the video every time I get some free time.
Stacey G. Port (11.11.13, 3:26am)
BEST 4 HOURS I EVER SPENT learning how to use and (more importantly) CUSTOMIZE my new and expensive camera!! Well done! Thank you so very much, Michael Andrew, for putting this Crash Course together--fabulous for a beginner like myself! This course is certainly worth 3-4 times the actual purchase price, especially when one considers the high quality & caliber of the information reviewed. You certainly saved me countless hours of struggling through the (boring) instruction manual / CD in order how to figure out how to use this very special piece of equipment; I've recommended this course to a friend who recently purchased the same camera. I'm planning to invest in a Speedlite 600 in the near future, and I'm very much looking forward to purchasing that Crash Course as well :) Cheers! Stacey G. Port Saint Lucie, FL
Evan Kaminer (10.8.13, 2:30pm)
I have had many cameras, both digital and film. My 70D is my 3rd digital SLR. However, I found the number of new features over the Rebel line overwhelming. The Canon manuals tell you what the buttons do but not how to use the camera. Michael's video puts it all together and show you how to use the camera effectively and creatively..

Even though have been using a SLR for decades, I listened to the section of basic photography and found them a nice review. His composition section was a quick tour of how to make a nice photograph. I even made my high school daughter watch it.

After watching the whole video I feel ready to go out and use the camera effectively. I liked that he was clear when he was giving a topic a superficial survey so I know where to delve deeper.

I highly recommend that video to both new photographers and those that are stepping up to the 70D..

Thank you Michael.
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