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Nikon D7100 Training Tutorial Video

 25 Customer Reviews
Nikon D7100 Tutorial Training Download Only
Nikon D7100 Tutorial Training DVD & Download

25 Customer Reviews  
Minal A (10.3.18, 12:12am)
The best Nikon course ever. I know my camera now, its functions and how to take nice photos on a manual mode. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has invested in such a great camera especially that the user's manual that comes with the camera is a bit complicated for people with zero background in photography like me. Thank you Michael for this course and the detailed explanation.
Jacques Bertrand-Cadi (6.24.18, 5:54pm)
I just finished a second round on Nikon D7100 crash course. The amount of information I picked up in relatively short time (8 to 12 hours) is amazing. I will surely come back to it a third time to get the entire knowledge dispensed in this video. My mastering of my Nikon has tremendously improved at a level I couldn't have reached by reading the Nikon Guide. Thank you Michael.
Anne H (5.2.18, 5:40pm)
Just finished watching my Nikon D7100 crash course for the second time. The first time I watched I was totally green, but I picked up so much information that I felt comfortable enough to throw my camera into manual mode and either sink or swim. I didn’t sink, but I wouldn’t say I’m exactly swimming either...more like comfortably treading water and holding my own. I was amazed at how much more I got out of watching it a second time, and I have no doubt that I will revisit it from time to time. I would highly recommend one of Michael’s training videos to any newbie that doesn’t understand how to use their camera. Thank you Michael for making the journey that much easier, and I’m sure there will be more Michael the Maven training videos in my near future!
JoAnn Sorensen (1.8.15, 5:54pm)
I have learned and am still learning a lot from this tutorial. I received the D7100 as a gift and knew nothing about it except point and shoot. I will refer to the tutorial many times until I get comfortable with the camera. thanks
Susan Schuster (6.29.14, 12:59pm)
This is, without a doubt the best training value around. The DVD is beautifully produced and the topics flow nicely. The detailed menu lets you easily go back and reference specific topics. I bought it specifically to review the Nikon menu system but soon found myself watching the entire DVD. Even if you've used the D7100 for a while, you'll find tips in each section. And, the DVD is actually interesting and engaging.

The bonus photography class included on the DVD also did not disappoint. Not only did it cover the basics, but it included really helpful explanations on how the camera determines color and the differences between JPEG and RAW.

The training that you get from this DVD surpasses what you can learn from training provided by NIkon.

Jim Ward (6.23.14, 9:55pm)
At the beginning of this year I was agonizing over weather to get a GH3, wait for the GH4 or get my first DSLR - a D7100.
I ended up choosing the D7100 as I wanted to focus more on still photography and learn about DSLR functionality. At first a was really freaked-out by how complex the camera was compared to my bridge cameras and mirrorless systems. After murdering several hundred exposures I found your channel and purchased your D7100 tutorial video and never looked back! Your video is awesome and it took me from being depressed about choosing the 'wrong' camera, to being totally stoked that I took the leap and am now the proud owner of a friggin awesome DSLR powerhouse that I use everyday, exclusively.
So cheers, Mike! I HIGHLY recommend your video tutorials to anyone.
Estera Sherk (6.21.14, 8:14am)
This is by far the best training video I have seen. He explains everything in simple terms , easy to understand. Video is worth far more $ then he charges. Looking forward to his other Crash Course videos. Thank you and may God bless you.
Glenda Scott (6.10.14, 8:06pm)
This is a short cut to success and learning about a new camera! With the such a great index and I can go back repeatedly for support. I now have the courage to check out the Lighting tutorial. Thank you so much.
Pauline Govaert (5.18.14, 4:12pm)
I am not a newbie to DSLR, and purchased the D7100, after graduating from my D3100. The D7100 was a bit mind boggling with all it's buttons, and I don't like going through manuals LOL This is an excellent video and well worth the $$, I have learned so much Thanks a bunch Michael for putting this together, BTW love all the "hair cuts" in the video :o) ... Pauline
Jay Lieberman (2.26.14, 4:04pm)
Although the production of this video was in segments, the information, approach, clarity of delivery and assistance was outstanding. I would recommend this to any novice or intermediate photographer.

Darien Wells (2.23.14, 1:09pm)
Wonderful training video for this camera, it packs a bunch of very useful information that you can learn at your own pace. Michael speaks clearly and explains all aspects of the camera and provides useful advice. I would highly recommend this video to any that is interested in learning more about this fantastic camera!
Ian (2.3.14, 11:26am)
Just like to say that I have just bought Your Nikon D7100 Crash course download and it is excellent and very professional. Great intuitive way to learn the basic camera settings which are quite complicated. Regards, Ian
Nadine Khalidy (1.13.14, 4:17pm)
Great and fun course.. Michael explained everything in a very simple way, lots of great photography tips and also tips on how to use the Camera.
I really enjoyed it.
Jeff Scott (11.4.13, 2:39pm)
This is a great video!! Easy to understand but thorough. Michael has very smooth presentation skills. I also like the need-to-know vs the nice-to-know approach. There's no doubt that I learned more in this video that I could have possibly learned in 5 years on my own. The video is a 10, the Nikon D7100 is a 10 and Annie (the model) is also a 10!

I'm looking forward to more Nikon D7100 videos along with Nikon lenses and speedlights.

Thanks Michael!!
Steve May (10.31.13, 11:43am)
Thank you for helping me become a better photographer and a better understanding of my camera.
Great job - outstanding video - couldn't be happier. I feel like I just got a new camera all over again.

Thank you again
Alex Belluzzi (10.23.13, 8:57am)
Great course on the Nikon D7100 and photography in general.
It is not just boring a list of options and features of the camera. On the contrary, it does a fantastic job in explaining you photography and technique in depth (especially portrait photography), and applying these concepts to the operation of the D7100.
This is the first time I tried Michael's courses and I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal from it, without spending a fortune in a face to face and time consuming photo course.
I will probably take also the Advanced Photography Course.
I would like Michael to offer also a Flash Photography Course soon!
Connie Smith (10.17.13, 6:49pm)
It filled the gap between the book that came with the D7100 and the knowledge I needed to start feeling comfortable with it as the new D7100 is a major up grade from my D80.

Mary Khran (10.17.13, 6:48pm)
I was looking for something that would be a quick way of getting familiar with the buttons of the nikon d7100, and this videos does that
and so much more. I would describe myself as an intermediate photographer who still has a lot to learn. I like the way Michael presents things with clear examples! There's definitely a lot to learn from this DVD. WORTH the MONEY!
Dieter H (10.17.13, 6:48pm)
Very easy to understand and getting also into the complexity of the nikon d 7100 and additional info of photography technique and composition.
Frank Chesson (8.23.13, 4:37pm)
My last SLR was a Minolta SRT-201 (fully manual film camera w/match needle metering), and I've been watching the evolution of automatic exposure, autofocus, and digital technologies for nearly 40 years, making do with decent quality digital pocket cameras 'till the time was right to get back in for real.

Well, with my D-7100 the wait is over! The basics haven't changed (focus, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) but I had lots to relearn that used to be instinctive in the manual days, and Michael is the right mentor.

The owner's manual and most "how-to" guides follow the "tell me and I forget" learning model. With Michael's videos, it's "show me and I remember" followed by "let me and I understand." His visual, hands-on approach makes the subject clear. He will tell you, "There are three ways to adjust this's the one you should use." He has credibility from his commercial experience that gives you confidence in his advice. Finally he explains basic concepts in a clear way, using great visual examples...without theoretical formulas. (The "walls of focus" and ruler visuals explaining depth of field are the ones I will use when teaching others about aperture control.)

In short, I am sure there are more in-depth print references available if you want precise detail on every function. If you want to learn to take control of this great camera to take awesome pictures quickly, Michael's course is a game changer!

Now I just have to get used to those d***** left-hand threads on the bayonet mount...!
Chris Arthey (8.19.13, 2:11pm)
Great course, loved the lesson. Would of liked a bit more in depth to the D7100 but still great lesson highly recommend this course...
C Arthey
Guelph, On. Can.
Randy Smith (8.14.13, 3:44pm)
Hey Michael, just wanted to say thanks again for the D7100 course. Within 2 days of going through it I entered a local photo contest at our county fair. I got "honorable mention" but the judges said if it showed more of the feeling of being at the fair it may have won. The pic was of an old eucalyptus tree with peeling bark, it captured various elements that you mentioned in the course. I knew it wasn't the "fair" type feeling but it was at least at the fair.

After that my wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica and I was able to get some pics that I feel could rival national geographic! Again, your course was so easy to understand and the way it was laid out was excellent.

I have a lot more to learn but your course got me off to a fabulous start. I will recommend it to all.
Pat Rodrigues (8.3.13, 3:58pm)
Please allow me first, to thank you for your kindness and patience in guiding me to download your crash course on Nikon D7100. After having perused through all your videos, I must compliment you on your excellent method of tutoring as well as the excellent quality of your videos. In my frustration of not being able to comprehend the techniques of Nikon D7100, I ventured to go on the You Tube and accidently stumbled across your video, an focusing of Nikon D7100, and to my good luck your ad for your crash course on D7100. I must confess that at my age (in a couple of months I will be 79) it is very difficult to comprehend easily on D7100 the bells and buttons. You are a savior with your knowledge and expertise I am sure I will learn a lot. I am not new to photography as I have used a lot of varied cameras from my youth to recent times. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and expertise. May God bless you in your future endeavors. With best wishes and regards
Pat Rodrigues
Gian (7.23.13, 2:26am)
This is the most comprehensive review I have come across. Simply great. I have just updated to the d7100 a week ago and I am refining certain things to get the best out of my new camera and this video you posed + comments really help. Just one thing if I may, regarding the focusing system on a particular matter. If one had to shoot night time concerts, say a rock concert, what would the ideal focus option be, ie AF-C or AF-S, and which cluster would you use, the single square, 9,21,51 or 3D. Thx and keep up the good work.
Randy Smith (7.7.13, 4:46pm)
Purchased your D7100 course and as a beginner I must say that your course is great. I just got through the first section going over terminology and tips/tricks. It is easy to understand and you make things that used to seem daunting a lot more friendly! I am getting ready to dive into the next section on the 7100 and am having a blast, THANKS! I'll definitely be recommending your course
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