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Canon T5i Crash Course Training Tutorial Video

 5 Customer Reviews
Canon T5i Training Tutorial Download Only
Canon T5i Training Tutorial DVD + Download

5 Customer Reviews  
Guillermo Acosta (3.20.14, 7:14pm)
Wow, I'm extremely happy with this purchase. This DVD not only goes in detail about each of the features of this camera but also the tricks of the trade on becoming a good photographer.
The wolf Chad (3.20.14, 7:14pm)
This DVD took me from zero to very familiar with my T5i camera and it's functions in 3.5 hours....which sounds like a lot BUT it would have taken me countless hours of reading the manual, and possibly weeks or even months of frustration to get anywhere near where I am now that I have watched this DVD. I will be buying more of Michael's video's to help further my skills as a photographer! He does an awesome job of explaining how things work, and gives very helpful examples and stages scenes to help demonstrate the why or how of a particular topic.
mgraham4fx "mg" (3.20.14, 7:13pm)
I purchased the field manual to help me learn about my new Canon EOS T5i. This DVD is a great companion to that manual and walks you through the various menus and capabilities of the camera in a very simple and complete way. The instruction section for just the camera is easy to understand and jump starts your camera use, especially for a beginner in the DSLR world. Super Helpful.
Danny Rasch (12.6.13, 2:13pm)
I always have a hard time to take information in at my age so a teacher has to get and keep my attention and Micheal does all that and more. He makes relevant comparisons that helps one understand the concepts quickly. If you are looking to master the T5I in the shortest amount of time this is the video to get, you need to watch this video a few times because there is a lot of info to take in well for me anyway. This is the first time I have owned a SLR ( T5I ) so coming from a point and shoot was the difference of night and day so real amateur here. This video is so well explained and easy to understand, well lets put it this way if I can learn from this, anyone can. Thank you Micheal I am glad my internet search brought me to you, because without this video I would be still stuck in point and shoot mode with this camera and what a waste of camera that would be.
Graham Oates (10.14.13, 5:31pm)
I don't take things in very easily at my age but Michael is so interesting to listen to that I know I'm going to learn an awful lot from him. His videos are superb. Once a company has your money over here (England) they don't want to know you after. You are a joy to contact. I hope you have a very happy and healthy future. My sincere thanks.
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