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Canon 40D Training Tutorial Video

 3 Customer Reviews
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3 Customer Reviews  
Sara Wenger (8.10.12, 12:26am)
I purchased this DVD after buying my dslr. I had no idea how to use it!!! Michael walked me through step by step and now I am shooting on Manual- Thank You Michael!!!!
Stephen Bennett (8.7.12, 1:24pm)
I love Michael's videos. When I first jumped into the digital age in photography my first camera was a 40D. I am a visual learner. Michael teaches in a way that is so easy to pick up. His explanations make the difficult understandable to anyone. He is also always available via email to clarify something one may not quite fully understand in the videos. I recommend any of Michael's videos wholeheartedly. (8.7.12, 10:46am)
This was my first MTM DVD purchase, and it was Great! I've now purchased four other MTM DVD's because of the quality of the lessons and the amount of knowledge gained from this DVD. If you still have a 40D laying around that you might have given up using, I highly suggest this low cost investment to bring your camera to life!
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