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Nikon D5200 Training Tutorial Video Download

 3 Customer Reviews
Nikon D5200 Tutorial Training Video Download
Nikon D5200 Tutorial Training Video DVD + Download

3 Customer Reviews  
justin gordon-stables (3.4.14, 12:07am)
Exceptional value for money and I highly recommend you buy this video. Michael presents this video in an easy and relaxed manner which was ideal for a beginner like me.
In a short space of time I mastered the D5200 menus and the basic photography skills required to take a good shot.
I Can't thank you enough for making this as it has saved me months if not years of frustration.. Buy it you will not be disappointed.
Larry S (9.19.13, 12:37am)
Wow, was this video ever worth the money. Ironically, I might not have bought the camera in the first place if I'd understood something that came up early on in the video, which is the difference between standard DSLR light sensor size and 35mm film size--I already had a Pentax DSLR that was frustrating me because it's impossible to get the wide shots I used to be able to get with the same lens on a Pentax 35mm film camera body. Anyway, watching (and re-watching pars of) this video is a fantastic way to learn how to use this very complicated, very powerful camera.
Malinda Kavetschanky (4.23.13, 3:33pm)
I have been a bit intimidated by some of the upgrades from my D60 to the D5200. Michael explained the focus area options, for example, in a VERY simplified manor. I LOVE the basic digital photography portion as well. I would consider myself a little bit above a beginner, however, many of the aspects of photography were explained here to a point, I now understand the why's! I understood the basic differences between A, S, M and when to use which, but now I understand it much more. He explained the lens differences too, which I have been looking for a better understanding of, and I get it now. This is GREAT and worth every penny!
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