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Canon 6D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video

 7 Customer Reviews
Canon 6D Training Video Manual Download
Canon 6D Training Video Manual DVD With Download

7 Customer Reviews  
Glen A Michaels (5.6.14, 12:13am)
This was exactly what I hoped it would be. Michael does a great job of running through the camera and provides very helpful tips about how you can use the camera and how he sets up his camera and why. The Canon 6D is a more sophisticated camera than my 3Ti and I wanted to get to understand the different features and how to use them to their full potential. Michael teaches in an easy to understand fashion following each screen and explaining what each symbol means, how to take advantage of each one, and which ones he really finds helpful or avoids. I learn so much easier when someone teaches me verses reading and this was perfect. It resembles a one-on-one tutorial and you can stop, review, and go at your own speed. I am really enjoying the camera and would not hesitate to use his other tutorials such as using the Canon flash system with the camera. THANK YOU!
Mark (4.29.14, 11:24am)
This is the Best put together Course or Class I have ever seen on any topic. Michael I can promise you when I get the hang of taking picture's I will be purchasing other courses from you on Photo-shop and whatever else I think I need. My only disappointment is that it took me 6 months of scouring the Internet to find this place. I plan on being here to learn for a long time to come.
Lisa (3.11.14, 11:46am)
I bought your DVD Canon 6D Crash Course. It is fabulous!! I am a professional artist (whatever that means….I have taught art at Universities as well) and you have the BEST way of communicating information. Plus, exquisite imagery!! I am so grateful.
B Dogg82 (2.26.14, 4:06pm)
I bought both this and the quick pro guide video for reference when I got my 6D and found this to be much better, the difference between something mass produced, formulaic and slightly altered according to whatever model of camera (quick pro) and this for which he actually seemed as though he had a practical working knowledge of the camera. Not only did he explain what the settings do for example but also what his preferences were and why, he was just much more insightful, personable and clear in the way he presented the material.
Dodge D (8.14.13, 3:42pm)
There are not enough stars to rate this Item. I am so pleased with this it is exactly what I need to learn the 6D. The presentation is straightforward accurate and friendly as if the fellow is your neighbor or favorite cousin. Buy this and you will learn Quickly and love it.
Ken K (3.3.13, 8:41pm)
I want to say ... Wow awesome videos ! Learned more in couple hours than I have learned in years of taking pictures!

Tim Diehl (1.23.13, 6:09pm)
Hi Michael,

I purchased two DVD’s from your store. I just finished Canon 6D Crash Course. My review follows:
I am reviewing this from the perspective of an amateur/enthusiast Photographer with no background in the nuts and bolts of photography. My previous experience with DSLR is with a Rebel XT and my picture taking abilities were unexceptional at best. I do however possess a very inquisitive mind with regard to the way things work.
The video itself starts out with instruction on basic photography which explores things like lighting, Aperture and shutter speed and later on discusses the processes involved with how to “frame” an interesting photo. Michael thoroughly explores these basics with examples and “rules to know”. I liked the way the material was presented and the really important parts highlighted.
The video then explores the inner-workings of the Cannon 6D. Spending a great deal of time on the menu settings and what each setting does – The detail with which Michael explores each setting, button or dials was excellent. I recommended viewing this particular module several times to master the mechanics of the Canon 6D
The discussion on how video works and a short history of moving pictures is brief and mildly interesting. The video continues with some technical aspects of video that some may find interesting but I was more interested in still photography and as such, would have been happy with a short explanation with how to use the video function of the Canon 6D – which Michael eventually gets to towards the end of the module. I did like the part where he discussed work-flow of video editing and he makes recommendations for video editing software.
In conclusion: The Video is well-done, the manner and sequence of the information seemed well thought out. I highly recommend this video to everyone.
I do have one recommendation for this and all your DVD’s which I think would be a nice addition. I recommend you include an outline on a word document with all your concepts that you talk about in the video. That way, we can print them out and stick it in our camera bag for reference.

Ted Diehl
El Dorado Hills, CA

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