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Canon Rebel T4i Training Tutorial Video

 9 Customer Reviews
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9 Customer Reviews  
James Kohler (1.22.13, 1:37pm)
I have had other training materials from the same and found them excellent. Not only does he teach you all about using the T4i he teaches some great pointers on photography. I highly recommend this product.
Stephen T Bell (1.22.13, 1:34pm)
I recently purchased this DVD with the hope of learning about my newly purchased Canon EOS Rebel T4i. Michael does a good job of explaining everything on the camera. I wished he was able to go into more detail about certain things like how to use the preview finder. But this is a great overall video and definitely worth the purchase.
M Dickson (1.22.13, 1:33pm)
I bought this with my Canon T4i - Michael Andrew is a great teacher and gives you a lot of insight on how to be use your camera. After watching this, I was able to take decent photos without reading any of the documentation that came with the Camera.
Vuong Truong (12.19.12, 1:53am)
hi i wanted to thank you very much for composing this awesome dvd. i work at bestbuy in the camera department and recently bought a t4i. the video has helped me get very comfortable with the t4i and allow me to teach my customers. i always recommend this dvd to any customer looking at a t4i because of how easy it is to learn. just wanted to thank you and i will continue supporting your business!
Linda Kopatz (12.15.12, 5:38pm)
Today my DVD arrived and I am thrilled with it! I have already recommended your tutorials to my geek buddies - your training DVDs on the Canon Rebel cameras are probably the best on the internet and that includes the very good tutorials produced by Lynda.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills in such a fun easy to learn format!
Michael Anderson (10.17.12, 10:52am)
I'm glad I bought this! I'm new to SDLRs and just bought a T4i. This tutorial really helps explain basic photography and how to use the T4i. Without something like this it would take me a long time to learn these things on my own.
Edwin G. (10.9.12, 11:16pm)
Michael, thank you so much!!! You are an amazing teacher and have made learning photography so much easier to me. The Canon T4i crash course has helped me tremendously in learning the features in my new camera and in learning the fundamentals of photography. Yes I have read articles and seen other videos, but there is something about your style of teaching that I personally find very appealing. I am looking forward in obtaining more of your lessons as I progress in my learning. Thank you again.
Jim Davis (10.4.12, 8:37pm)
I am brand new to Photography. I bought a Canon Rebel T4i as an Entry Level DSLR. I can't explain how much this Course helped me not just understand the Camera, but the Basic Fundamentals of Photography. This is a new Hobby and as I continue to study and refer back the Course, I know i'll achieve the results i'm looking for. Thank You Michael for such an Informative Tutorial! Worth every penny!
David Shores (8.13.12, 7:07pm)
Wow. Just. Wow. I think I've learned more about photography in this video than in all the books and manuals I've read to date. This is not to mention what I've learned about my new T4i. Those buttons and settings actually MEAN something! Michael is a great teacher and this video walks you through the basics and so much more. I was looking to learn 'how' to operate this camera. What I learned was 'why'. And that is knowledge that can be applied to any camera, any situation, any picture. Many thanks and keep teaching - you're great at it!
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