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Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Crash Course Training Video

 7 Customer Reviews
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7 Customer Reviews  
Bill Neill (2.24.14, 3:23pm)
I want to be positive because I did get a lot out of this video. The content is well worth avoiding a steep learning curve. The functions and operation of the Speedlite 600EX-RT are simple to follow and arranged in a logical and accessible manner. However, (here comes the BUT you're waiting for that demotes it to a 4 star review) this is about LIGHTING, and the lighting in the early part of this video couldn't be less professional. Yes it is a video, but lighting applies to video as well as still or motion picture photography or painting for that matter. At more than twice the price of Blue Crane videos, I would expect the production values to be on par, but they fall woefully short. In one beach segment, the wind noise is way beyond acceptable limits. But, this is a 3.5 hour information packed DVD, and I certainly have not found anything out there to rival the content and delivery. The hosts are likeable do a great job of presenting the information. So, come on guys and learn from your mistakes on the next video, because I'll probably buy it. Oh, what the heck, the information is worth the 5-star rating, so I'll change it, but I feel production merited four.

Kindest Regards,
James Kohler (8.15.13, 9:52pm)
Complicated concepts explained in an easy understandable way.
Linda House (6.12.13, 9:56pm)
Just stopped by to say that I loved your 600EX RT video. You are gifted with teaching skills and your passion for photography comes through loud and clear. You answered my questions and taught me a lot more. I now need to practice. Thanks so much! Linda House
Don (3.6.13, 5:45pm)
Got this with my 600EX-RT and vastly easier to get the full sense of the 600 from this video than the manual. Have read a couple books on light and flash but this was the clearer than the books in letting you build your run-time game plan of how to use the Speedlite (with something like my 5D Mark III). Wonderfully conceptually on how to think about lighting and then translate that to 600. Also a very detailed and clear section on getting through the various buttons and screens. Finally nice section on specific flash styles with great video examples at every stage.

Think for the folks who are likely to buy this (amateurs) this video offers a great investment (mostly in the almost 4 hours it took to watch since if you have bought this flash there is a good chance your time is worth more than the cost of the video.)
AndyGot (1.22.13, 1:36pm)
I use this to learn how to use my ST-E3-RT with my 600EX-RT without reading the manual because my sight is very bad.The instructions are very precise and to the point. It covers more than the flash itself.
Mark Sharp (12.15.12, 3:10pm)
The 600ex RT Crash Course taught me a lot. Love that flash!
Peter Roennfeldt (8.13.12, 9:11pm)
Thank you so much .... I read the manual for this flash unit but this is much better. To see actual examples of the differences for different settings in photos was very useful. Also everything was very easy to understand. This has given me more confidence in using the manual setting for this flash unit. The walk through for the custom button setting was great. I loved the shooting in shade section and shooting in sunset also. Well worth the price for these lessons
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