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Canon 50D DVD Crash Course Tutorial Video

 6 Customer Reviews
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6 Customer Reviews  
Lisa VonBargen (4.3.13, 10:43pm)
Hi from Estes Park, Colorado!

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your Canon training DVD. I purchased it shortly after my camera and have watched it a million times or so since then! Your training let me learn the camera in bits and pieces as the topics began to much better than reading a manual. I'm shooting in manual now with a great command of the functions and settings.
David Barnstable (4.1.13, 11:52pm)
I purchased this video to get up to speed on my Canon 50D. I was amazed by your coverage of the camera and photography techniques to help the beginner take some great photos. By the third day of my vacation I was in manual mode and taking risks!
Elizabeth Whitehead (8.14.12, 4:22pm)
I purchase this video from Michael in the US and he posted it to me in Aus. The postage was really quick. The DVD is definately worth it. It has helped me soo much in using all the camera functions and understanding basic photography prinicples. I liked this DVD so much I went back and bought the canon 580 & 430 speedilite DVD. Thanks Michael for the help.
C Albert (8.10.12, 12:40am)
Michael, I have been in software development for many years. I bought my first DSLR Christmas time (Canon 50D). By chance I came upon your website and bought your "Crash Course", great job. I have taught many souls about IVR, software support and Professional Services. I know what it is to teach. You have done a very nice job. I am blown away some what by the cost of equipment (lens, flash etc.).
Line upon line and precept upon precept, is that not what they say?
Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting you at some time.

Chris Manchester (8.8.12, 12:39am)
When I bought my first SLR, a Canon 50D, I was fortunate enough to come across Michael's training DVDs.
This crash course will introduce you to your camera, it's functions, as well as some basic principles of photography.
With these tools in your belt, you will be able to use your camera to create wonderful images in no time.
Michael's easy to understand teaching method will, in just a couple of hours, give you knowledge of your camera that would otherwise take months or years to accumulate.

I would recommend this and any of Michael's other DVDsto anyone wanting to get to know their camera better.
Jeroen (8.7.12, 9:49am)
If you want to know all the ins and outs of this camera (within a few days), this DVD is a MUST buy!!

Michael clearly knows all the details of photography & camera equipement and he explains each subject/function in a very easy, pragmatic way that you really understand it and become a 50D master yourself. And as a bonus you also receive with this DVD a general introduction in the world of photography. Also very helpful in mastering your skills!
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